Herts Fire Protection -Certificate of InspectionAt Herts Fire Protection we pride ourselves in providing exceptional service standards in maintenance of fire extinguishers and helping you rest assured in the fire safety of your premises. Our fire extinguisher maintenance work is carried out in accordance with
BS5306 Part 3 2000.

We service and maintain all types of fire extinguishers including Water, CO2. Foam, Wet Chemical, Alcohol Rresistant Foam and Powder.
On completion of our maintenance service, we will issue a Certificate of Inspection like the one pictured on the right and a survey report
showing fire extinguisher type, location and condition to ensure your legal compliance.

Our maintenance service includes free installation and commissioning on new extinguishers that we have supplied. We also provide you with a loan extinguisher if we need to remove any extinguishers for refill or repair so you will always be guaranteed you have fully operational fire extinguishers available on your premises.


Herts Fire Protection, Member of The UK Fire Association
A proud member of The UK Fire Association. Our membership demonstrates a commitment to providing excellent levels of service to our customers as well as being professionally qualified and suitably experienced for the work we undertake. We are also fully insured for all work completed.